This ride is only open to members of the Wirral Cycling Group.  If you are an experienced rider who has ridden with other cycling groups and would like to join us on a ride, then please get in touch with us via the <Contact Form> so we can make arrangements.  If you have not ridden with a cycling group before, and would like to find out what riding with our group is like, then please book onto one of our monthly rides for newcomers.

You must not join a ride if you or anyone in your household is experiencing any of the Covid-19 symptoms
or if you have been advised to self-isolate

(A) Nets Cafe Burton to Poffee Cafe, Burwardsley

10:00 Friday September 17 2021

Current Participants: 3 space(s) available
  • Hill, David
  • Malloy, Paul
  • Ross-Jones, Neil

This a “tougher-than-usual” Grade ‘A ‘ride, led by Neil Ross-Jones with an outward leg of 34 miles and 1,300 foot of climb (54km and 390m in new money) and a return of 25 miles and 480 foot of climb (40km and 145m).  The number of riders is limited to six, including Neil.  Group speed will be higher than the WCG usual (so 16 to 18 mph cruising on the river/greenway), but also, due to the smaller group size, easier, faster rural navigation, and fewer stops, the average speed might well stay quite high at 13 to 14 mph.  Neil points out that he can manage the climbs with 34-34 gearing on his road bike, and would expect touring bikes on lower gearing to be OK climbing, albeit they might be a bit ‘spinny’ on the faster flat/downhill bits if all the gearing is low.

The start point will be Net’s cafe, Burton just after 10:00 (for anyone wanting breakfast), but leaving the Marsh Gate on Station Road promptly at 10:15.  Station Rd usually has plenty of parking, although we wouldn’t recommend leaving a bike rack on a parked car (anywhere), although many people do.

Lunch will be at Poffee cafe in Burwardsley, just after noon; picnic benches are available nearby.  If the weather is bad we may have to change to a venue with shelter.  This eventuality shouldn’t affect the overall distance by much, rather it will just increase outward leg and decrease the return.  Bail option exists from the Greenway to Bache on the return, should the need arise.

This ride will come in at close to 60 miles, so we expect everyone to ride around the block once or twice to get to 62.15 miles and claim a century (albeit a metric one 😉).

Riders who are uncomfortable with the group’s pace can easily retrace their steps back to Net’s or bail out from Chester riverside for the station (steps/lift), or from the Greenway to Bache (a ramp), but riders would then need to make their own way home, and indeed might need to get back to a parked car near Nets.

Neil’s Friday rides in general :- 

These are an occasional Friday ride for those who want to go a bit faster, maybe that bit further, and a bit higher (but we’ll settle for 2 of 3 😉), the idea being to encourage those WCG members who are already happy on the existing higher grade club rides to join me and push ourselves that bit more.

The rides in general will be around 50-60 mile round trips, initial rides are outbound via the River Dee, or the Greenway, and will run out into Cheshire, North Wales or both.  The actual route to be decided nearer the time and is open to suggestions.  Cafe stop around the half-way mark, or a picnic nearby usually.


Bookings no longer allowed on this date.