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(D) All but one of the Wirral Lighthouses from Woodside Ferry

11:30 Sunday July 3 2022

Current Participants: 7 space(s) available
  • Fitzgerald, Karen
  • Griffiths, Frank
  • Malloy, Paul

    This grade D ride is 21 miles long and starts at Woodside Ferry terminal at 11:30.  It joins up with a Grade C ride which started at Ellesmere Port at 10:00.  So the group led by John Hampson should arrive at Woodside Ferry at between 11:20 and 11:30.  The ride is mostly flat with just two hills of 150ft each at Bidston and West Kirby. 

    The route will take us to all the lighthouses, past and present, on the Wirral peninsular (except the one at Ellesmere Port) and is due to finish at West Kirby Railway Station between 15:00 and 16:00.

    1. Whitby Docks Lighthouse
    2. Woodside Lighthouse
    3. The One o’Clock Gun (not a lighthouse)
    4. New Brighton Lighthouse
    5. The Lighthouse in Wallasey Village
    6. Bidston Lighthouse
    7. Upper Mockbeggar Lighthouse
    8. Lower Mockbeggar Lighthouse
    9. Lower Lake Lighthouse
    10. Upper Lake Lighthouse
    11. The Lighthouse at Red Rocks
    12. The Mariners’ Beacon at West Kirby

    … plus two bonus lighthouses at Point of Ayr and Hilbre Island (visible from Red Rocks if it is a clear day and you bring binoculars)

    Lunch will be at Popsy’s Cafe in Hoylake, or by the Model Boating Lake if you bring your own lunch.

    You can download the planned route on GPX from Komoot: Wirral Lighthouses, but note that the start for the Grade D part of the ride is from Woodside Ferry 13 miles into this route.


    Bookings no longer allowed on this date.