(C) Hooton to Walk Mill

10:00 Wednesday November 10 2021

Current Participants: 0 space(s) available
  • Appleton, Ruth
  • Clerkin, Wendy
  • Forbes, Neil
  • Garner, John
  • Grant, Ken
  • Hampson, John
  • Hughes, Sue
  • Keane, Una
  • Lear, Anne
  • McCallion, Liam
  • Procter, Clare
  • Ritchie, Mary
  • Terry, Phil
  • Wright, Carmel
  • Wright, Tony

This is a C grade Ride  Route from Hooton Station to Childer Thornton and past Old Aerodrome to Oil Sites Road and down to Bridge Trafford then Mickle Trafford towards Crocky Trail and Walk Mill.  No major hills.

Ride leader Sue Hughes. Miles 37.9  return from Hooton Station Lunch at Walk Mill which has been used by Club over a number of years

Before you join the ride please make sure that your bicycle is safe and roadworthy GCN’s 6 Checks Before You Ride and that you have read Cycling UK’s advice on riding in a group .

On the day we suggest that you should bring:

  • wet weather wear and warm clothing
  • a spare inner tube, a pump  and tyre levers
  • some food and drink to keep you going
  • money for emergencies (and possibly lunch)
  • a mobile phone

and that you should carry details of your address and an emergency telephone contact number, just in case.

Meeting We will be meeting at Hooton Station  9.45am for a 10.00am depart. 

Lunch will be at Walk Mill which we as a group have visited on a number of times over recent years, I have booked tables. Should you have any dietary needs then please phone the cafe and make your own individual arrangements.

Hazards Riding a bicycle on public roads is inherently a risk, you can mitigate those risks by being aware of other road users and anticipating their likely actions.

After Lunch I will be returning back to Mickle Trafford, Picton , Capenhurst towards Hooton Station

Questions If you have any questions regarding the ride then please contact them via email your address