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(C) Wirral Millennium Mileposts

09:45 Sunday November 28 2021

Current Participants: 4 space(s) available
  • Giles, Richard
  • Goodwin, Andy
  • Hampson, John
  • Houghton, Alan
  • Keane, Una
  • Lara, Wood
  • Mackenzie, Charlotte
  • Malloy, Paul
  • McCallion, Liam
  • Terry, Phil
  • Williams, Peter

A few people have been commenting on Facebook about seeing some of the 1,000 Millennium Mileposts that were put up along cycle paths across the UK to celebrate the Year 2000.  So I thought it would be nice to visit the sites of all 20 mileposts on the Wirral Peninsula as part of a single ride: hence this route from Hamilton Square Railway Station to Chester Railway Station via the 17 remaining mileposts (plus the sites of the missing three at New Brighton, Bidston Moss and Woodchurch).

John Hampson

List of Mileposts and their locations:
1   435   Outside Seacombe Ferry Terminal
2   434   Marine Point, New Brighton    (Missing?)
3   433   At the end of Green Lane by the promenade 
4   529   On the Birket path, just west of Reeds Lane
5   821   As the cycle path joins Bidston Golf Course’s road    (Missing?)
6   432   On Fender Way opposite Beeechwood Drive 
7   807   On Fender Way behind the Vet’s Surgery 
8   530   On the cycle path just south of Upton Road
9   531    By the playground off New Hey Road    (Missing?)
10  431   Junction of Landican Lane and Woodchurch Road
11  430   On Landican Lane opposite Little Storeton Lane
12  429   On Thornton Hough Green, opposite Smithy Hill
13  235   On Hadlow Road opposite the station
14  599   Chester Greenway by entrance from Parkway
15  598   Chester Greenway by Green Lane East 
16  597   Chester Greenway by Sea Hill Road 
17  596   Chester Greenway on England / Wales border 
18  383   Chester Greenway between the canal and Deva Way 
19  1105  At the end of Flag Lane North as it goes through the Zoo 
20  381   Chester Greenway at SW corner of Lime Wood Fields

The ride will be grade C, just over 40 miles long, and will start from outside Hamilton Square Railway Station at 10:00 am.  The ride leader John Hampson will be there at 09:45.  The route is on Komoot Wirral Millennium Mileposts and will go via Seacombe Ferry, Egremont and New Brighton, around Leasowe, across the golf course to Bidston Village, then through Upton (with a quick break for a snack), via Woodchurch and Landican Lane to Storeton, Thornton Hough, Raby and Willaston, before stopping at Burton Manor for lunch.   After lunch we will go across Burton Marsh to the Deeside Industrial Estate and along the  Chester Greenway, then up to Chester Zoo and back to Lime Wood Fields before finishing at Chester Railway Station, where people can get a train back to the Wirral.  No significant hills, but there may be some sand on the foreshore at New Brighton and some mud on some of the cycle tracks.

Check out the following site for some interesting stuff about the mileposts: The Sustrans Millennium Mileposts

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.