This is ride is open to all members of the group, but is also suitable for people who have not previously ridden with a cycling group, so that they can get experience of riding with a group and so we can assess their requirements and advise them on how to continue.

Don't worry that you haven’t ridden in a group before, there is nothing difficult; we will explain what we do and how riding in a group is different from riding on your own before we start.  And in particular, don’t be concerned about the pace of the ride and not being able to keep up; the ride leader will adjust the pace of the ride to suit the group as we go along.  And we always have an official back marker; so no one will get left behind.

Before the ride, check out the page on our website about taking part in one of our rides "Taking Part", and take a look at the Advice from Cycling UK on riding in a group.  If you are new to riding with a group, please arrive 15 minutes before the advertised start time, so that the ride leader can brief you on how to ride safely with a group of other riders. 

You must not join a ride if you or anyone in your household is experiencing any of the Covid-19 symptoms
or if you have been advised to self-isolate

(D) CANCELLED West Kirby to Bidston Golf Club

10:00 Sunday December 11 2022

Current Participants: 2 space(s) available
  • Blackburn, Gill
  • Brooks, Julie
  • Elkins, Mike
  • Fitzgerald, Karen
  • Grant, Dawn
  • Grant, John
  • Griffiths, Christopher
  • McCallion, Liam
  • Wilkinson, Ewan
  • Williams, Peter



    Distance The ride to Bidston Golf Club is 14.6 miles and will be a Grade D ride. With a return route back to West Kirby of 10.4 miles. 25.00 in total. Our first short break will be on the beach front at Leasowe after six miles.  We plan to stop for the lunch break at the cafe located within Bidston Golf Club.

    Meeting We will be meeting at West Kirby Station outside cafe Toast, at 09.40 for a 10:00 depart.

    Possible obstacles Nothing too worrying in terms of hills, this is a fairly flat course, where possible when crossing major roads we will use traffic lights or pedestrian crossing points.

    Route is available on Komoot West Kirby to Bidston and back to West Kirby

    The route is also available on Garmin West Kirby to Bidston and back to West Kirby (both Komoot and Garmin Connect are free to use).

    Lunch will be at the cafe at Bidston Golf Club at approximately 12.15. Should you have any dietary needs then please phone the cafe and make your own individual arrangements. Tel: Tel: 0151 638 3412.

    Hazards Riding a bicycle on public roads is inherently a risk, you can mitigate those risks by being aware of other road users and anticipating their likely actions. If you have not done so then please do read the WCG guide and Risk Assessment policy

    After Lunch I will be returning as per the above route to West Kirby

    Trains There a number of stations  on route that will return you to Wirral Stations so I would advise you to bring money for both your lunch and the train should you choose to use them.

    Questions via email please to Peter Williams

    Bookings no longer allowed on this date.