Taking Part

Our Rides

 We aren’t manic road warriors, heads down fighting for breath.  We are a social club that ride in loose groups and chat along the way

Our rides usually have a stop for lunch; at a cafe or for a picnic. And we break half way for a drink or a snack

Don’t worry about falling behind, the group will not leave anyone behind and will wait for you at the next junction or at the top of a climb

Social Cycling Group on the Wirral

Ride Grades

Our rides are graded so you can pick a suitable ride:

D   9 to 10 mph average, an easy pace overall

C  10 to 12 mph, relatively flat, with the odd climb

B  12 to 14 mph so faster, often further and possibly quite hilly!

If you are new to riding in a group we suggest you start with D ride.  But contact us to discuss.

Safety Note, please let the ride leader know if you are taking anticoagulant medication or you have Type 1 Diabetes or Epilepsy, so that we can respond appropriately in case of an accident.

Riding in a Group

Important:  before you join  one of our rides, read the advice from Cycling UK here

Cycling UK Riding in a Group

 Our top tips from their advice are:

Never ride more than two abreast, except when passing.  Shout ‘Passing!’ if you do so 

Ride in single file on narrow or busy roads, unless it would be unsafe to do so

Be alert to what other riders around you are doing and do not get too close to them

Shout ‘Slowing!’ or ‘Stopping!’ if necessary – smooth, gentle manoeuvers work best

Point out any road defects or other hazards to following riders: “pothole, bollard, gravel, etc.”

On Facebook

Check out our Facebook page for any last minute changes to rides, to see posts and photos from our rides, and news from other members of the group

Your Bicycle

Most bikes are suitable, although very narrow tyres can be a bit uncomfortable on poorer road surfaces

We suggest mudguards for poor weather, but if you ride at the back and don’t splash us, we don’t insist

But your bike must be safe and roadworthy.  Click  on this link to see GCN’s Bike Check

And in late autumn or winter you make sure that you have a set of working lights to get back home on the darker afternoons

What to Bring

Social Cycling Group on the Wirral

We suggest that you should bring:

  • wet weather wear and warm clothing
  • a spare inner tube, a pump  and tyre levers
  • some food and drink to keep you going
  • money for emergencies (and possibly lunch)

It is also a good idea to have a mobile phone and to carry details of your address and an emergency telephone contact number, just in case

Let the Ride Leader know if you are new to the group

Listen to all instructions carefully

Abide by the Highway and Countryside Codes

Have fun and come back for more!