Friday Ride B+

10:00 Friday August 26 2022

Current Participants: 1 space(s) available
  • Bradley, Ian
  • Branch, David
  • Coxhead, Harry
  • Hill, David
  • Ross-Jones, Neil

    With no route suggestions (or our cake support vehicle) we’ll be pootling-ish around cheshire.

    10am start at Net’s cafe, out across the Marshes and onto the Greenway heading to the foothills of Delamere, coffee (quick food) stop and then over towards Beeston then across Harthill on the ‘Bolesworth’ route, and then into Tilston before making our way back via another coffee/cake stop and back to Net’s, be aware might not make Net’s closing time, so if you need a big finish then other refreshments aren’t too far away.

    Route not finalised (and may change with resurfacing breaking out everywhere) but ride will be a minimum of a metric century – 62 and a bit in ‘old money’ 🙂 plus of course your commute to the start/end.

    Bookings no longer allowed on this date.