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(D) Thornton Hough to Hayrack Farm [to Th.Hough return]

10:00 Wednesday September 7 2022

Current Participants: 3 space(s) available
  • Chambers, John
  • Coetzee, Sheila
  • Etty, Barbara
  • Etty, Simon
  • Forbes, Neil
  • Garner, John
  • Hughes, Sue
  • McNamee, Jill
  • Oldershaw, Sonia
  • Ronald, Helen
  • Wright, Carmel
  • Wright, Tony

    Jill McNamee is leading this Grade D ride from Thornton Hough to Hayrack Farm for lunch. We will be returning on a different route to Thornton Hough.

    Thanks to Paul Malloy for the route. You can find it on our list of established routes. It is a 35 miles round trip but will be at a slower pace than Paul’s ride.

    Please meet in time to leave Thornton Hough at 10am as this is slightly longer that most D rides. Meeting point is by the community cafe.

    Our recce of the route had to be postponed due to the heat wave, but will take place next week. We will probably change the return route slightly to avoid the Oil Sites road, but the route to Hayrack Farm will remain the same. After the recce ride I’ll post the garmin route but you can click on Paul’s link to get an idea of what is involved.

    Update 1/9/22

    We changed the route back to Thornton Hough, from Hayrack [see link above] We’ll be taking the cycle path through Stanney Oaks, then Capenhurst, Willaston, Raby and Thornton Hough. 13.3 miles. We should make Hayrack for lunch between 12.30 & 1pm and be back in Thornton Hough 3.30-4pm


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    • Give a brief description of the route and, if available, include a link to GPX route planning software such as Strava, Garmin Connect, Komoot or RideWithGPS
    • Explain any arrangements for lunch at a cafe, or for bringing your own sandwiches, or either.
    • If the route doesn’t return to the start, explain how people can get back there (station, or escorted, or on their own)

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    Bookings no longer allowed on this date.