This ride is only open to members of the Wirral Cycling Group.  If you are an experienced rider who has ridden with other cycling groups and would like to join us on a ride, then please get in touch with us via the <Contact Form> so we can make arrangements.  If you have not ridden with a cycling group before, and would like to find out what riding with our group is like, then please book onto one of our monthly rides for newcomers.

You must not join a ride if you or anyone in your household is experiencing any of the Covid-19 symptoms
or if you have been advised to self-isolate

(C) North Wirral Mills and Other Historical Sites

10:00 Wednesday December 7 2022

Current Participants: 2 space(s) available
  • Bird, Andrea
  • Branch, David
  • Brewer, David
  • Burrows, Mark
  • Etty, Barbara
  • Etty, Simon
  • Garner, John
  • Holmes, Robert
  • Hughes, Sue
  • Malloy, Paul
  • Perry, Julie
  • Procter, Clare
  • Roberts, Barry
  • Wright, Carmel

    • This is a grade C ride but there are quite a few hills (e.g., Bidston and Grange) and there are significant off-road sections: Bidston Hill- the tracks are so rough there we will have to dismount and push our bikes, but the views are worth it! Alternatively, a mountain bike there may be possible, but you must be skilled at riding it! The other off-road section is Landican Lane on the way back, but it is not too bad now. I will be on my road bike.
    • This is a 30-mile tour of 4 North Wirral Windmills (only one existing and the other three sites of) plus a number of other interesting historic sites: Bidston Mill, Bidston Hill, Bidston Observatory, Bidston Lighthouse, Bidston Hall, Leasowe Lighthouse, West Kirkby War Memorial, Grange Mill/ Grange Beacon or Column, Irby Mill, Higher Bebington Mill.
    • David Brewer will be Ride Leader – starting at 10:00 from the Merebrook carpark/ Bromborough Station
    • The route from the Merebrook is to Port Sunlight via the railway cycle track, then onto: Higher Bebington, Prenton/ Tranmere, Birkenhead Park, Bidston, Fender Lane cycle track, Leasowe, Moreton, Meols,  Hoylake, Grange/ West Kirby. Then onto Newton, Frankby and Irby for Lunch. Home via Arrowe Park, Landican, Storeton, Higher Bebington, Port Sunlight to Bromborough
    • Garmin Connect
    • Lunch is planned for at the Irby Mill pub (as well as a great menu it has a good selection of real ales and nice old photos of what the mill looked like in the 19th and early 20th Centuries). Alternatively, if the weather is good, sandwiches at the War Memorial or Beacon would be great. We will stop at the pub anyway for rest and well-earned drink!
    • The route returns to the Merebrook car park.
    • We do have to go on some fairly busy roads at times, so we will probably need to keep to two groups. However, we will also be on a lot of quite roads/ off-roads. We will need about half an hour walking on Bidston Hill to take in the views and historic sites and say 10 minutes break at the War Memorial.


    Bookings no longer allowed on this date.