Membership Registration Form

Under the terms of our insurance policy, people can only ride with our group as a guest a maximum of three times before having to join the group and pay the membership fee.

To join our group, please complete the details on the membership registration form and press the ‘Submit Form’ button.  You will be sent details of how to pay the membership fee within a few days.

The information that you submit on the membership registration form will only be used by WCG to contact you in relation to the group’s activities.



Please note that riders are responsible for their own safety at all times:

  • Your bike must be safe & roadworthy, with front & rear lights when conditions require.
  • When joining a ride you need to be aware of the speed & distance of the planned ride as set out on our website and you need to be confident that the ride that you join is within your physical ability.
  • Riding in a Group is very different to riding on your own or with a small group of friends. Click here to see our “Guide to Riding in a Group”. This sets out advice and guidance for riding in a group. We expect those who join our rides to be aware of and comply with that advice and guidance.
Membership Form