38 miles, Grade C: Hooton to Cafe Fresh via Great Barrow

A 38 mile C ride (10 to 12 mph pace) along (mainly) well-surfaced roads & bike paths. Cafe Fresh near Dunham-on-the-Hill is the lunch destination, only reached after 25 miles, so a large banana will be the least that you need at the mid-morning stop. The terrain is largely flat with the odd rise or descent along the way. Quarry Lane out of Willaston is the earliest rise. Care needed on a brief stretch of the A540 near the Hinderton Arms. Lees Lane to Little Neston & Denhall Lane to Burton Marshes are opportunities to test your brakes.  Thereafter country lanes from Mickle Trafford to Great Barrow, with Barnhouse Lane & Manley Lane taking us through to Cafe Fresh.  The return to Hooton is via Hob Lane & Thornton Green Lane (rustic) & the A5117 bikepath (less so), not forgetting Capenhurst, Ledsham, & The Missing Link.


38 miles, Grade C
Created by David Hill