48 Miles, Grade B: Hooton to Caergwrle via Old Warren

The ride is 28 miles out to Honey’s Cafe in Caergwrle and will be a Grade B ride with a return route back to Hooton of 20 miles. 48 miles in total.

The ride starts at Hooton railway station and there are a number of long and quite steep hills on the outward leg, Old Warren in Broughton is 1.3 miles of steady climbing.  The following hills are frequent, but not long in duration although they can be steep; the roads around lower mountain and Caergwrle are short sharp and sapping hills. So on the day you will need to bring your climbing legs and use those lower gears.

Lunch is at Honey’s. Should you have any dietary needs then please phone the cafe and make your own individual arrangements.  After Lunch the route returns back to Hawarden bridge cycle path, over the marshes and up to Hooton.

Route is available on Komoot; Hooton to Caergwrle return to Hooton

48 miles, Grade B
Created by Peter Williams