25 miles, Grade D: Hooton to Chester via Saughall

A 25 mile long Grade D ride starting at Hooton station and going out by the Missing Link to Ledsham, past Capenhurst, through Woodbank to Saughall.  Then on through Blacon to Sealand Road and around the Racecourse to lunch at the Little Roodee cafe in Chester.  Returning around the other side of the Racecourse north to The Countess of Chester Country Park and along the Shropshire Union Canal towards Backford.  Then up the little hill on Station Road to Lea-by-Backford through the Chester Gates to Capenhurst, Ledsham and back along the missing Link to Hooton.

Here is the route on Komoot: Hooton to Chester via Saughall

25 miles, Grade D
Created by Sheila Coetzee