31 miles, Grade C: Abandoned Railway Stations of the Wirral from Bebington

A 31 mile tour starting and finishing outside Bebington Station and stopping at the sites of the 15 abandoned passenger railway stations within the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral.  The ride leader, John Hampson, will be at the start from 09:45. The ride starts at 10:00  and there will be stops at each site while John rattles on about places where there used to be a railway station, but where there is now hardly anything to see.

A fairly flat course, apart from two steep hills (225ft in 3/4 mile from Heswall station to Heswall village via The Lydiate, School Hill and Rocky Lane, and later 75ft in 1/4 mile up Redhill Road).  There will be a  break for a snack after 11 miles by the site of the old Warren station, overlooking the dunes and the sea, and lunch after 22 miles at Wirral Country Park  (by the site of Thurstaston station) at Flissy’s or Whistle Stop Cafes, or bring your own lunch to eat at benches in the park.

    1. Rock Lane (1846 to 1862)
    2. Rock Ferry (the old one; 1862 to 1891)
    3. Tranmere (1846 to 1857)
    4. Birkenhead Town (1889 to 1945)
    5. Monks Ferry  (1844 to 1878)
    6. Woodside  (1878 to 1967)
    7. Seacombe (1895 to 1960)
    8. Warren (1888 to 1915)
    9. Liscard & Poulton (1895 to 1960)
    10. Birkenhead Dock (1866 to 1888)
    11. Kirby Park (1894 to 1954)
    12. Caldy (1909 to 1954)
    13. Thurstaston (1886 to 1954)
    14. Heswall (1886 to 1956)
    15.  Storeton (1896 to 1951)

Click here to see or download the route via Komoot: Abandoned Railway Stations of the Wirral




For more information about and photographs of the old stations click on:  https://www.wirralhistory.uk/stations.html



31 miles, Grade C
Created by John Hampson