45 miles, Grade C: Port Sunlight to Vale Park over Wirral Hills

For those who don’t think there are any hills on the Wirral, this is a hilly ride.   We plan to go up every significant hill on the Wirral in most cases by the steepest route.

The ride is Grade C speed (an average of 10 to 12 mph), but with 2,175 ft of hills, it is graded as C+

The route is just over 45 miles long, starts from outside Port Sunlight station and goes over:

  1.   Rest Hill, Storeton,   highest point 215ft, maximum gradient 4%
  2.   Poll Hill, Heswall,                           357ft,    4%
  3.   Thurstaston Hill, Thurstaston,       244ft,    6%
  4.   Montgomery Hill, Royden,            175ft,    4%
  5.   Caldy Hill, Caldy,                            250ft,   8%
  6.   Black Horse Hill, West Kirby,         163ft,    7%
  7.   Grange Hill, West Kirby,                114ft,    4%
  8.   Arrowe Hill, Arrowe Park,              198ft,    4%
  9.   Bidston Hill, Bidston,                     212ft,  10%
  10.   Gorse Hill, New Brighton,             165ft    12%
  11.   Holt Hill, Tranmere,                       129ft,    4%
  12.   Holborn Hill, Tranmere,                 148ft,    9%
  13.   Oxton Hill, Oxton,                          235ft,    4%
  14.   Prenton Hill, Prenton,                    254ft,    4%

Here is the route on Komoot: Wirral Hills from Port Sunlight

There is a stop for a break at Cubbins Green by the banks of the Dee (after 5 hills and 15 miles) and for lunch at Vale Park (after 10 hills and 31 miles)

For those who don’t fancy the whole ride, we will go past Bidston station at 27 miles after Bidston Hill, New Brighton station at 30 miles after Gorse Hill, Birkenhead Park station at 35 miles and Green Lane station at 38 miles before Holt Hill.

45 miles, Grade C
Created by John Hampson