54 miles, Grade B: Hooton to Pentre Halkyn via Ysceifiog

Another training ride for Way of the Roses, or just for those who want to do more hill work, the ride features one very steep climb that is very similar to Settle Hill from the Way of the Roses – walking some of it might be needed, unless you have very low gears, I actually anticipate that everyone we will need to take breaks at some point on the climb (call it a photo opportunity 😉 ). The rest of the ride is essentially padding with some more of the minor WotR hills built in, the climb overall (2250ft) is between the two most difficult days on both the 3 and 4 day Way of the Roses rides.

The ride includes two stops, the first a quick coffee stop after the worst climb at 21m/1000′ from the start, and the other stop at 31m/1800′.

The distance as planned is 54 miles but can be shortened to 49 by returning from Capenhurst,

Garmin Connect Route:- https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/8657853860

54 miles, Grade B
Created by Neil Ross-Jones